Sunday, October 14, 2012

Behold the Strawman!

The world’s system is not constructed for the soul. It is constructed for the unfolding of the dark side or satan within. The system has created an imaginary personality generally called by a name, having a Birth Certificate and a Photo ID. This is the 'strawman'. The human body by itself is inert. Energy moves it. This energy, however, comes from TWO sources: Soul or Dark Side. These are different kinds of invisible substances having different natures. There is no single identity that can be applied to these 2 entities. If anything, the Soul owns the body and all identity references should really be intended for soul. But, if the dark side succeeds in suppressing the soul and goes about directing the behavior of the body, the soul's identity would be inaccurate. So, one can give a name to the body but one cannot dictate which of soul or dark side will be on top, or which will latch on to the name given. As it is, the dark side rushes to grab the name, and the body that goes with it. Throughout life, the dark side tries to be the PR rep of the body!

'One identity' relating to the body is given by the State but there are 2 kinds of 'personalities' within.. 2 kinds of behavior can be observed exuded by bodies: good and evil. The 'single identity strawman' created by the elites as part of their accounting for the human stock does not recognise 'soul'. No invisible 'drivers' of the robotic body are recognised. At most, religion recognises the soul but sees the dark side behavior as just 'lower tendencies'! Today, they are speaking of DNA as if it has an existence separate from the flesh, and as if it has the ability to determine not only physical characteristics....but mental or psychological conditions too! They are pretending that soul does not exist and so blind-siding the human race to the existence of soul. They would love for you to believe that you are nothing more than energy driven protoplasm. More seriously, the Elites want your attention away from soul and dark side, away from good and evil, and on the strawman concept they invented.

Having created the strawman, given it a legitimate existence and monetary value (YOUR birth certificates  are traded on the stock exchange...Jordan Maxwell), the rest of 'your' life is about fleshing out this strawman. From infancy, you are told what is the right thing and how you should be. In the old days, it used to be that the dark side was discouraged by punishment. Today, punishing 'kids' is fraught with danger. Mental indoctrination about how one should behave took place: manners were taught. The system indoctrinated you about how a life should be, college, work, marriage, kids, hoard, vacations, acquire, retire, get sick, die. The genders were indoctrinated into their roles. All the while, it was the dark side lapping up this programming. The soul is not programmable. It will always produce the noble questions, when it can: why, when, where, how, what, who. With education, the common breed dark side gets transformed into a well-to-do strawman/citizen of the system. The common breed remains just a poorer clone who is privy to lesser programming eg TV. So, we have 3 kinds of entities exhibited from the body. We are taught nothing about the soul and dark side. We are herded towards the strawman identity. The dark side is an actor in its life of preying. It loves being the strawman.

 The soul is the only entity with a legitimate claim to the body, unless a dark side has its own body (a rare thing). Soul is not recognised by the Elites. The system, in practice, views the soul as an enemy. Soul gets no food, no friendly faces and no fellow travelers. Soul is discriminated against and plotted against because it found itself in a darkside 'party', in a darkside parade or dance.

Yoga teaches us not to IDENTIFY with the I. Generally, this is in reference to ego-building. In fact, one should not identify with any single or collective name whether it is I, YOU, WE, THEY, PEOPLE, HUMAN BEINGS etc. There is no single entity in each body, as the strawman theory insists. In fact, there may be several dark side entities in a single body, getting in through different or same orifices and occupying various organs, channels or nerve ganglia. Meeting up with another is a complicated affair which is smoothed over by manners. Are you meeting dark side in charge, or is it soul? In knowing 'somebody', who is it that you know : Soul, darkside or strawman? There certainly are grave differences between soul and dark side....too many for accurate use of the words like ME, YOU, WE, PEOPLE, HUMAN BEINGS etc! How to be a Human Being is a STRAWMAN lesson! How to be a soul, is what the lesson should be!
The soul cannot be controlled by the elites because it is perfectly detached. Apart from its basic needs, soul has no need for the material excesses and the money chase. It is the strawmen and darksides who live for, and by, the system of money, who need the system. Money is power..... and power is what the darksiders want. The elites print the money and ensure that theirs get enough. Those occupations that comprise or support the system, get most. The evil society plays God in that by awarding opportunities and success, they determine that theirs get the most and best. The colors and tribes that comprise society do nothing but protect. extend and control theirs.

The problem is that societal organization is based on the darkside nature. The dark sides have hijacked control of the body from the soul. Original souls are very very very scarce on Earth. The darksiders want control of every human body, and destroys what they can’t control. The mark of the beast is simply the beast ruling a human body.

So the Elites created their system throughout the eons, for dark sides to rule bodies and to unfold with every change or innovation in the system. In this system, darksides thrive. But the Elites like their version of the dark side…the sophisticated strawman. They spend a lot on educating the strawman. Programming is put into the books printed by their monopoly of publishing. Their journals, quarterlies and periodicals from their reputable institutions educate the strawman. Their cheap magazines are there for females at check-out counters everywhere! Think-tanks are nurtured for the lies they can create!

The masses are programmed to chase money and spend it on the systems offerings. They make the system thrive. They are under direct occult control ie they obey satan's orders and plans as revealed by 'eyeball reading'. Reproduction is at the root of their system. Hence, the population explosion. The Elites want to destroy the masses, keeping only a minimum number. So, sickness and death creeps up on the masses from all their consumption…accelerated death. If one adds all the death-giving strategies already active, there is no need for any additions for the culling to take place. What happened? satan is god of the masses too! What does he want? Sex but no offspring? Well, GMO corn was created for doing just that!

Souls, alive in bodies, are too few but make an impact because of intelligence. Intelligence tells us that the Elites are in their endgame. The old order will crumble and a New World Order is coming. Concepts like the cashless society will be the future. The surface of the Earth will be destroyed as the elites cleanse the surface of the masses. The evidence for this destruction is already here. Do not grieve for the system. Use the knowledge to survive. The masses are evil. Let them go. Save yourself.

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