Saturday, October 13, 2012

Civilisation is a scam!

Civilisation is a scam. We must get off that demonic ride, become ourselves again, and in a renewed way, face the thieves of our lifespans. To become the soul again, we must defeat the dark side within and retake the use of our bodies. We were ambushed by the dark side propagated and fed by the system. We lost our behavioral prerogatives to it. It is not souls being in charge in the bodies we see. For that to be, souls must wake up and discover the treachery that took place against them while innocent. War was declared but not advertised. It is by deception that the darkness within governs. It is by deception that the dark side lives with the system, promoting it.....and being nourished in return. Wake up and discover the treachery foisted on us by civilisation, by the elites and by the dark side among the masses.

Warriors must fight both in the battleground of the body and in the external battlefield. The triator within, long used by the occult elites to inveigle souls, must be faced head-on and defeated. That done, we are ready for the external war, if necessary. As it is, a victory within is also a victory without. But then, evil does not take NO for an answer.

So, the system that was built for the darkness within must be slighted: no food for the dark side’s growth. No movies, no TV, no time-wasting! Why spend time in a benumbed state watching sports and comedy? Why watch sleuths tackle and solve fictitious crimes when we have a ‘live’ crime taking place within? Shouldn’t we figure out how the darkness within has grown so powerful…and proceed to investigate and dethrone it? Should we not conquer the dark side’s obsession with pleasure, hoarding, ego-building, preying on others, attention-gathering etc? Should we not defuse the dark side’s constant internal chattering and throwing tantrum-urges, longings and thirsts to overpower us and get its way? These are not normal to soul. These are deceptions. These and other duties await us as we try to regain our freedom within.

In all this, we must remember that we are SOULS with a consciousness that is different from the darkness. We have no obsessions…not with careers, wealth, name, fame, authority etc. We like it when our natures unfold in terms of clear attention, blissful harmony and knowledge. Our consciousness is placid, quiet, harmonious, spontaneous, detached, intuitive, timeless and generally without spiritual flaw. Things like stealing, lying, coveting, drama, material ambition, noisiness, seeking happiness from outside etc are too much activity and baggage for us. We undertake only those commitments that are our DUTY! Our consciousness cannot be penetrated by the dark side or by technology. Like oil and water, soul and dark side vibrate at different frequencies. Which is why to get at souls', the system had to build our dark sides within then use it against us!

We were born to know and learn this portion of creation that we witness in our lifespans. This is evolution by reincarnation of souls. At another time, we witness another scenario or the same one, progressed. Evil is ensuring that we don’t learn anything. We are having our attentions pulled and tied to the ever-changing material things and events of life and are restricted from getting an overview that is truthful. We are being forced to ride pillion in our bodies as the dark side within is empowered and goes about fulfilling its purpose in the body. It wants to be a star, it wants pleasure, to accumulate, to have as many attentions as possible on it, it wants drama since this lets it build ego and prey successfully, ……. it wants the temporary! It wants all it can get as it plays itself in a body it has hijacked. It doesn’t care about soul and it doesn’t care about the permanent. It wants salvation but sees this as forgiveness of its crimes. It desires heaven but not at the cost of its nature and activities. It wants a bail-out!

The soul knows that this life is just part of an ongoing journey but usually does not know of its affliction by the dark side. It mistakes the internal activities of the dark side as its own unconscious doing. This is the trick played by the darkness……and the soul falls for it because it does not know better. The Gurus of orthodoxy do not teach this. Orthodoxy is the programming that keeps souls suppressed, and mind-controlled. Those who are willing to experiment do discover the truth. Shut the senses down…and see the dark side rebel against this. Then self-decide everything, and so lock it out completely. Salvation from the dark side is the only salvation there is. On death, souls go back to their dimension. The challenge while alive is for souls to use their bodies for their own way of living instead of letting the dark side commandeer the body and make this incarnation a wasted life!

The potencies of the SOUL are as yet unknown. We are not snakes so Kundalini power is not on our path. Miracles may happen but that is not intent but consequence. A victory over your dark side gives you commanding power over it, and its tribe. The Elites are darksiders and belong to the colors or tribes that play among the masses. Will they succumb if they are defeated by enough people….spiritually?


  1. I've thought about many of these topics in terms of different words and I am grateful for the train of thought that your words have inspired. Additionally, I respect the use of such words because they are not altered in a way that makes it easier for people to accept, which leads to greater ambiguity. I think that your choice of words will filter out the idiots that want to be a part of the trend "just send love".

  2. It is very difficult to accurately describe what I perceive and flip words so as to be persuasive, at the same time. I choose accuracy over any other concern.

    In addition, to the neophyte, what I write might be 'diffuse'. Those who are accustomed to linear logic expressed in a deductive or inductive way, are hardly aware that such processes are actually artificial. Knowledge in the Causal World exists in a type of web made up of clusters of related ideas. Each cluster is related to other clusters, hence the aphorism...All knowledge is one. What I do is present clusters of related ideas, which is how they really exist. I edit minimally, and only for readability. The reader hopefully will see it as I saw it when writing!

    The 'just send love' crowd are 'bandwagoneers' ie they use love as a base but jump from one to another similar concoction, until the novelty peters out!