Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Learn the dark defeat them. (2)

The dark side works by its programming, and by being steered by the influence from other dark sides and from the Occult hierarchy. The dark side gets its orders via the eyeballs in the process of 'eyeball reading'. The dark side pretends that it is spiritually evolved, kundalini-style and gives us the evidence as its energy powers. Mind-reading is used to impress good people but it is all dark side accessing dark side data via eyeball reading. The soul uses the third eye for hooking up with the supersoul. The difference in the ‘intuited’ is that the soul gets 'ideas' while the dark side gets info that helps its predatory nature. While ideas must be assayed and translated from a very refined wavelength or frequency to language, the info from mind-reading is ready for expression.The dark side gets the plans of the big darksides for its victims, relayed to it via eyeball reading..Of course, the dark side spies on others and gossips to acquire info for its predatory thrusts.. These things, the soul has no use for and opts for research and meditation for knowledge. The soul has no designs on other 'people' as daily things to do. Living intelligently, within its nature, matters most because it uses understanding and caring as an MO when others are a factor in life....not preying!
d) The dark side comes with no feeling of worth which is its thief’s legacy. It spends all day building that ego by seeking acceptance and recognition …..often by daring, impressive or bold exploits, and by attacks on good people. But, the worth thus created vanishes overnight, and there is more ego building the next day. All day you can hear and see the various ploys to grab attention, to increase one's reputation, to impress by repeating the latest buzz-words and phrases, in doing the latest of in vogue body-language probably gleaned from SOAPS or popular icon, in dressing like the stars, in shopping like the stars etc etc.
The dark side makes a beeline for power through money and possessions or rank in some hierarchy. This assures its recognition and ‘respect’ by others, without which it would become suppressed. Without money, some people would be totally dumb. The soul has its own worth within and has to do nothing to acquire it. Soul, in its own body, has nothing to is not a thief or usurper. Fightback against the dark side for its body is engaged in because it is self-defense!
e) The dark side uses its predatory nature in various ways, cruel or loving, to keep souls suppressed so they can’t fight back and take back control of their body. Big predators keep smaller predators in line. Both the Elites and masses do this. The Elites are making the world more and more dark side friendly so satan can rule from within bodies and present an all-seeing eye. The satanic net that was in existence for decades is now crumbling for lack of energy to keep it afloat. This net hunted soul people relentlessly and killed them by death from natural causes eg heart attack, strokes, etc. Positive energy aka snake power was used like a weapon to do away with soul people and to silence dissent. Snake power was used for everything eg getting women, employment, preferential treatment, destroying rivals etc. The victims of the leading dark side tribes met the same result everywhere: failure in every material pursuit. The dark side pretends to be 'of the light' in order to build itself, to infiltrate  movements for good etc.
LOVE is one area to which the dark side runs for acceptance. The dark side kind of love is based on dark side resonating with dark side. It is a kind of hunger or passion they experience. This is more like dependent relationships for pleasure and ego-building. There are many rituals involved in keeping this kind of relationship going. Since both are predators, one cannot afford to be conquered by the there are ploys like playing hard to get, following the soap opera MO (flowers, wines, chocolates etc),  the 'talk and back-talk' kind of interaction, spending on gifts to show you care (birthdays, anniversaries, christmas etc), keeping the grass greener on this side of the fence, etc. The dark side seeks ownership and acceptance by love relationships. Whenever it is sure of either, it begins to a true predator having a victory! Love is something totally different for soul people. The love already exists....all that needs to be done is for the understanding and caring to be shared. Each soul is already bathed in its own bliss/love. There is no incompleteness without each other. Instead, there is teamwork with total honesty and knowledge of what the deal of life is about. The emotional roller-coaster is absent. 'True' love is the hardest thing to find because soul people are hard to find.

 As souls, we have to fight back against evil  within and outside to survive. Where they come from is immaterial. They have already conquered the world. There is nothing to lose. Souls are above all this commotion when on top of things in their bodies. Souls are perfectly detached and happy. Their natures are complete. On death, they go straight to heaven….a dimension. Though they do no wrong, they can be suppressed and misled into sinning. A sin is anything that gives life to the dark side, that is committed in ignorance or error. Hence, the need for enlightenment. Souls cannot be defeated by any organism in creation, being a spark of the supersoul. Research for truth and retake your body. Its that simple.Many want to claim the high moral ground by saying ..."Do not pay attention to the dark side, that is negative. Instead, focus on the soul." These people are darksiders aligning with a credible 'strawman' principle. "Learn them to defeat them" the actual steering principle

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