Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Learn the dark defeat them. (1)

There are beings in creation we don't know much about. This could be because the Government and priestcraft have covered up or hidden the knowledge. Anyone who is aware can detect the dark side within. All one has to do is starve the senses, and an other-created opposition is experienced. If one decides to live by  decision-making and implements only consciously decided action/inaction, there is resistance and opposition. These beings do not have material bodies to use….and use ours. There are dark side entities with their own bodies. Led by these and other darksides with successful body-occupations work on other bodies to further the darkside control of bodies and earthly living. The Elites and the masses are overwhelmingly dark side or evil. The systems they live and propagate at the global and local levels further the control of the dark side entities. The dark side is composed of tribes of entities. They live by a system of games against each other...and all join together against soul/good people. They use colors to work with ....and to advertise their loyalties with, in the games. God is given token and strategic recognition but the systems they live and run things with do not have any pervading Divine flavor.

The dark side exists as invisible evil entities. They possess, steer and affect human bodies. The soul exists too. Both forces enforce their natures as behavior emanating from bodies. Further, the dark side communicates with each other and collude to control all bodies, societies, and now, the world. Souls do not have this ability or master-plan. In fact, souls are starved for the truth about their true status and the necessity for fightback. The reality of the dark side controlling the world is more a result of souls being ignorant of the truth, and so becoming asleep, rather than as a result of dark side superiority. Souls did not come with the power and knowledge that would help them. The truth is not out there so how can they figure it out? The dark side answer is the school of 'hard knocks' and their teaching and testing of soul/good people. Without being ahead of souls on the divine path, how can the dark side TEACH the good? With no morality and an essentially 'sinful' or predatory nature, how can they tutor people to be angels? What exists, is the dark side rules good/soul people and rears them in captivity. The system is for their hegemony. And, they make up the rules as they go along!
The dark side has certain characteristics:
a) It is dense, heavy or gross. This is experienced as a ‘heavy’ consciousness in contrast to the soul’s ‘light’ consciousness. One's own demeanour reflects this duality. 'People' are not the same from hour to hour or from day to day. What you witness at one time may not be the same being at another time....despite interacting with the same body with the same name. And, it is not just a case of ONE being responding to the ups and downs of life. In fact, what appears to be a single coherent dark side within, is actually a series of entities occupying key areas in the body.......with each contributing to the usurpation. The dark side covers the whole body except for the 'inner sanctum', in which the soul dwells.
 b) The dark side is entirely externally oriented. Without external involvement, it becomes bored and suppressed...... and defeats the reason for the bodily invasion. To keep its stranglehold on the body it gets very busy with materials, people, places, things and  experiences. It keeps its ascendance over the soul by speed, which it uses to flit between engagements, so the soul has no room to get in. It keeps in ascendance by the deception it enforces to get the soul to sleep, and so get free passage to use the body. The soul is more laid back, having an internal life to run too when there is a lull in external duties.The soul is not overly concerned with the external reality. Its needs are few and it is untainted by the obssessions and excesses that the dark side insists on.
 The difference between soul and dark side is essentially a difference between I AM and I WANNABE. The soul cannot be accused of a lack of ambition. Ambition is usually applied to exploits in the material/external world and is measured by one's gains therefrom. Such gains are crucial to dark side ego-building. Soul only takes what is absolutely necessary from the world when 'more' would compromise its internal pre-occupations. Too much external involvement involves attention placement into the external world. This makes it harder for the soul to re-center itself! Thus the difference between soul and dark side is the difference between INTROVERSION with limited external forays and complete EXTROVERSION. It is the difference between total engagement with Social Media and communications technology, and total avoidance of social media with an uncluttered life!
c) The dark side does not have a brain and cannot use a brain It uses the programmable 'rote' memory, and has a home base in the LIMBIC SYSTEM. The other home base is in the intestines/ pelvis. The dark side has its nature, qualities, powers and database in its substance. The same applies to the soul. The brain is merely the interface that connects the world of soul to this world. The soul is an instrument of the supersoul just as the dark side is an instrument of satan. Knowledge/info flows from God and satan to their respective agents.

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