Thursday, October 25, 2012

Verified Truth is Knowledge...... Religious-like Belief is Guessing. 1

Religious belief is the acceptance of some bit of info or data by placing faith on it in the absence of supporting evidence. Religion makes 'belief' a requirement for serious members. Religious belief is different from other kinds of belief in that we are told that such and such is how it is, period. Priestcraft tells us to believe in sermons, using holy books as their authority. Priestcraft did not themselves do any research or experimentation to verify it. They are just parroting what they were taught during their training to become priests. They are not priests by virtue of having attained any spiritual state. They are not experts by virtue of having walked that road themselves..... and found salvation. Since the salvation they parrot to us come after death only, they, being alive, are not true and proper witnesses. To date, no-one, except Christ allegedly, has come back from the dead to proclaim the truth or lie about salvation after death. So, salvation after death is a rumor, not verified truth. And, priestcraft is a bunch of hypocrites peddling a product conspired to deceive. Now that the Elites have decided to do away with the different religious cults/groups, we find that the truths about priestcraft's sexuality, about wealth (accumulated in devious ways and spent just as deviously) and about Religion's links with the shadowy underworld, coming to the fore in the mainstream media. People are leaving Religion in droves. They now feel security in the God called money. But, the truth about Religion was there to be seen all along. Marching in step with BELIEF, we just did not notice! Now, religious loyalty is calling us to defend religion. Evidence has been supplied by the NWO to wake us up so we will dump God along with religion.....and accept their alternative.  

Religion wants us to live our lives their way based, not on sure truth, but on a guess. In fact, it is not even an 'innocent' guess. It is more likely that it is a cunning recipe the Papacy created to keep humanity away from discovering the real truth. The real truth is that Souls do not need spiritual salvation because they have the nature of the supersoul and can only return to it. They have no original sin because they can commit no sin. It is the dark side thief of the body which does the sinning. This little satan returns to the big satan on death. Religion doesn't not admit that the dark side exists IN us. Religion is for the dark side alone....they are so busy sinning during life that there is no time for salvation until after death. The soul needs another kind of salvation that is freedom from the hegemony of, and enslavement by, the dark sides on Earth. That's all it is. satan rules over souls with an iron fist and excuses that role as him and his lieges teaching and testing souls. Testing what, I cannot say. They do not know anything about souls or the divine path. They have no morality. How can they be our teachers when we know more than them on every topic except on being evil. In fact, the dark side views souls in their own image and likeness....which is why they fail against souls. They use snake power to rear us in captivity and fear. When snake power is defeated or fails, their plans fail. This is such a time! Those who 'believe' that satan or evil teaches and tests us with the approval of God have been lied to. We believed without question. If one approaches satan's technique of snake power and mind-reading scientifically (research, hypothesis,experimentation, conclusions), snake power is very beatable. evil needs not be feared! Religious-like belief usually has a conspirator at one end and a fool at the other!

   In ordinary non-religious life, some 'see' to believe while others 'hear' and believe. In the culinary world, tasting is believing. There is some kind of qualifying ritual before one believes in most things in this life. This is a basic type of 'proving'. Proving usually includes some actual experience, or the experience of some trustworthy person, with the phenomena. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, goes that instructive sagely advice.Belief in non-religious things starts with  'believability' and goes a step further into assaying the evidence. Some people require convincing evidence while others will believe a rumor because their best friends or the mainstream media catapulted that 'propaganda' very convincingly. Even this basic type of common-sense goes to sleep in the religious world. Churches and Religions ask you to take their word for it. Priestcraft put on their holiest looks and don super-pious decorum to lend credibility to the lie. This is not to reduce the impact of regal vestments, awesome buildings and ostentatious displays of working for God. Then there is the impact of numbers! Millions of believers just can't be wrong, we say. But, that's the catch! They are wrong. The civilisation scam is all conducted for satan. The Religions don't fight the dark side but build the strawman/dark side. The dark side remains alive and well to be built further by the Elite Occult Brotherhoods. They get to revel in hoarding, accumulation, fun and enjoyments as provided by the Economic system. The masses, which is dominated by the dark side, have their own control system based on freemasonry, sex, wealth and power. So nobody in control in this current system is giving food to souls or fighting the dark side when they should be doing that since it enslaves people, and because it is anti-God! 

Those who live by the scientific method do more stringent  processing of the data which is put on their plate for 'belief'. When all the evidence for the 'truth' content of the data is weighed against the evidence for it being false, a conclusion can be made as to the truth of the data. But, it is not all so simple. Orthodoxy is filled with lies. We have to think outside of 'the box' to ascertain truth. This, however, implies that in other things, we think 'inside' the box. What is required is that we must live anchored outside of the box. This can only happen when the sum total of what we consider to be fundamental truth lies outside of the box. When you awaken to the 'civilisation' scam and discover the truth about the schemes, plots and deceptions intrinsic to this system of things, you get an inkling of what should be. That is your new knowledge database and homebase. That is the abandonment of orthodoxy and the striking out on the road less traveled that is called ENLIGHTENMENT. The olden Gurus told us that it (enlightenment) could be done by an energy awakening of the 2 uppermost chakras. That was a lie. Enlightenment can be seeded by a Guru in the form of  basic or strategic truth but the disciple has to self-realize Knowledge. You cannot open a special eye to knowledge or pour it into someone's consciousness like some liquid unless the basic seed-bed of knowledge has been formed or framed! Enlightenment without VERIFICATION counts just as Religious belief! Without personal research, experimentation and meditation, any Enlightenment is not the bona fide stuff unless it is made YOURS! 

If it is truth, then those who live by truth accept it into their consciousness to be part of them. New truths are new links that are added to the interlinked web of truths called knowledge which exists as a capacity or a quality of consciousness, and as a reservoir or database of truth . Satsangha or company of the 'wise' is where truth is sifted and adjusted to produce the highest truth of that group. The field of Yoga has remained truth for a very long time because no-one can come up with another set of protocols that more accurately quells the lower nature of man. They do mention the not-self but do not state that it is the dark side! One's knowledge database was under construction since birth and is the core program or overview  to which reference is made when one's judgement or response is required.This is how it is for the soul. The dark side develops programming as to various items of a lifespan....things, places, people, events etc. It is like a series of how-to's linked with what, when, where and who that are congruent with dark side motives (why) and nature. Being predators, the dark side uses its cunning to devise working strategies in preying on others. What works and what works best, in line with controlling bodies and Earth, is what their 'knowledge' is all about. They  do not have brains and cannot use a brain....their database is within their substance/ consciousness. They use their access to the soul's optic nerve, the limbic system and the rote memory to spy on the soul and to influence and control it. They are about grabbing the material world and enjoying it. They are about hierarchies and control. They are about using force to subdue their enemies so they can shine. They are about living their dark side natures which includes hoarding, ego-building, expressing emotions (bliss or love is a soul quality not an emotion), drama, violence, intoxication etc. In short, they are about eat, drink and be merry otherwise prey on Earth and its good people.

Soul needs a brain in order to interface with this world. The soul is a very subtle or light or dainty substance. It has the capacity to live amidst of, intercept and transmit very very subtle or dainty kinds of mental waves. The causal world is composed of such waves. The soul actually lives in the Shiva or witness state but must come down to earth. The causal world of ideas is one such step-down from the witness state. Instead of just being in the VOID, the soul is now witnessing IDEAS. These ideas exist in a web of knowledge. The relevant knowledge comes up based on the idea that is held by the internal attention. All this takes place beyond language and ability to express what is perceived. Education used to be able to awake the mental faculties used in 'seeing' the ideas and in giving the skills to successfully assay these ideas ie perceive them and put them in a form that could be communicated. Once this happens, the ideas are changed from subtle waves to electronic impressions. These usually go into the rote memory for storage. Since the dark side controls the rote memory, retrieval of stored info can be hit with a wipe-out. So, it is best to assay ideas and write them down as they flit by. What can be read by the dark side within is not the subtle mental waves but the electronic impressions stored in the rote memory or as they are concretised by attaching language. This is the basis of the mind-reading power of the dark side. So, one can have privacy and secrets if one learns to stay above converting ideas into electronic impressions. That's how to defeat mind-reading. These things do not depend on belief....the spiritual investigator will discover the mechanism of how-it-works. The lazy-assed ego-builders and posturers won't.  

Soul can use a brain except in cases where souls are not given the chance to learn to do that.....which is almost the rule! The education system dumbs children down by killing the mental faculties especially those to do with logic and reason. Useless knowledge and propaganda is being fed to them. The development of intelligence and comprehension skills has been railroaded. More seriously, rote memory is encouraged for parroting back what is taught while absolutely no reliance is placed on meditative insight or intuition. People's capacity to use a brain has been stultified. In addition to the absence of cultivation of the capacity to use a brain, there is another more insidious process going on within that prevents the development of the mental faculties of the soul, and restricts its ability to bring down knowledge from its Causal world homebase. the dark side straddles the eyeballs and other senses, intercepting working information from the external world and manipulates its chosen response to the fore by distracting the soul, with inner pressures and urges, with hallucinations and selected visions of how completeness can be achieved if only the dark side's response is allowed. But, it is more a command than a request. It is more deception and cunning than an enlightened or weighed response. The sense of urgency levied on the soul, along with the idea that "Hey Soul, it is actually you wanting to do it like this"....enables the dark side to run the life of the body. It is all sleight-of-hand and trickery! Instead of being able to be guided by knowledge, the soul is steered by trickery. These truths can be verified by those who 'believe' they don't have a dark side!

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